Clean water lets these kids do their job: being kids.

There aren’t many toys in Uganda’s giant refugee settlements, where people are focused on getting hold of the most basic supplies.

Oxfam is providing clean water for around 200,000 people in Bidibidi, the world’s biggest refugee resettlement area, as well as toilets and hand-washing facilities. That means children like Martin and his friends are not only safe from conflict, but diseases too – and because they’re not getting ill so often, they can let their imaginations run free.

Like so many others living in Bidibidi, Martin had to leave his life behind to escape fighting back home in South Sudan. But although he came here with very little, Martin and his mates are building themselves a new toy collection out of the things other people throw away.

Toy car – made by Martin’s imagination, fuelled by clean water from Oxfam.

As the kids hold up their cars, Martin says proudly: “I made this. I started building it using a box. I use nails for piercing and rope for tying. The wheels are bottle caps of used soda bottles. I got them in the garbage.”

Although Martin and his friends have built up an impressive fleet of toy cars, play’s not the only thing on his mind. Martin’s hoping he can go back to school soon, where he’ll really be able to put his imagination to good use.

As families forced to flee their homes start all over again in Bidibidi, your support is making their fight against poverty a little bit easier – and giving kids like Martin and his mates the chance to play.

From war zones to refugee settlements, with Oxfam you’ll find hope in unexpected places.

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