Untold Stories of Hope

Think of places like Iraq and Haiti and you'd be forgiven if good news, hope, optimism aren't the first things that spring to mind. But from families returning home and restarting their lives after conflict to ingenious street lights that are keeping people safe at night, this Christmas you can find hope in even the most unexpected places.


Good news from Iraq?

Think of Iraq and you’d be forgiven if good news, hope and optimism aren’t the first things that spring to mind.

Hope in Iraq


Unbeaten by Ebola

There is life after Ebola, and it’s growing strong in Sierra Leone.

Hope in Sierra Leone


Hives of Hope

If you want to fight poverty in rural Ghana, you’ll need protective clothing.

Hope in Ghana


Safer streets brighter futures

Life in Haiti’s slums is tough enough without having to worry about whether it’s safe to go out at night.

Hope in Haiti